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Got something to say about my portrayal of Doc Scratch from Homestuck? If so, feel free to tell me here if it is constructive.

Anonymous: On
Screening: On
IP Logging: On*

*As a note I keep IP Logging on for personal reasons. I won't try and hunt you down to find out who you are, honest.
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Regain List

[ ] First Guardian Body
[ ] Cueball Head
[X] Strength
[ ] Flight
[X] Puppet stuffing (blood)
[ ] Original Suit
[ ] Typewriter
[ ] Spacial Rending
[X] Teleportation
[X] Energy Blast
[ ] Clockwork Majyyks
[X] Oracle Cueball
[X] Memory Scrapbook (with panels up to his canon point)
[X] The Thousands of Clocks
[ ] Grandfather Clock
[ ] Just | Heroic Clock
[ ] Discipline Broom
[ ] Homestuck Disc 2
[ ] 1930's Television (Allows him to broadcast moments from the series)
[X] White Magnum Gunkind
[ ] Cuebullets
[ ] Dual Wandkind switch (???)
[ ] The Fifth Wall (if allowed)
[ ] Omniscience
[X] Locating others
[ ] Knowing someone's abilities
[X] Future Prediction (10 minutes ahead of his time)
[X] Past Insight (knowledge of people's lives, with permission granted)

Regain History:
-Teleportation regained on June 6th, from Population Control
-Memory Scrapbook regained July 20th, from Speak Up!
-Oracle Cueball regained August 22nd, from Milkfield/Cream of the Crop.
-Omniscience (Part 1) regained November 1st, from It Came From The Dairy Aisle.
-Energy Blast creation regained on December 2nd, from Peace, Harmony, Tranquility, and Union.
-Strength aspect of First Guardian Body regained on December 25th, from Everytime a Bell Rings.
-Thousand Clocks regained on December 25th, from Santa Claus Present.
-Cotton "blood" from puppet body regained on February 6th, from Break.
-Future Prediction regained on July 10th, from Step Right Up.
-Past Insight regained on July 10th, from a Saved Regain received from Prankfield.
-White Magnum Gun regained on July 10th, from a free mod regain.
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Ok so Doc Scratch has received part of his omniscience back from Mayfield, which allows him to know someone's history/their past. This isn't something he can willingly control, so much as it is something that happens as a result of his natural omniscience, and that is why I have made this permission post! Please comment here if you would because it would make interacting with your character a lot easier for me.

1) Can Doc Scratch know your characters past? I want to just make it clear that he really doesn't care about people who aren't himself and have nothing to offer him. If he does learn your character's past by way of omniscience he won't tell them and he won't share it with others. Well ok he may make passive aggressive jabs at your character using this information and your character can totally punch him for it.

2) How much can he know? If you say yes to the first question, tell me exactly how much can he know. Scratch canonically is said to have dark spots in his omniscience, so it can easily be handwaved that there is something in your character's past that he cannot become aware of. Trauamtic events, that special someone you are crushing on, whatever you can think of.

3) Do you want him to know your character's stay at Mayfield? Again, if you say yes to the first question, tell me if he can know what your character has done in Mayfield. If you don't want him to know then again it can be handwaved with dark spots.

4) Will your character be aware if he his gaining information about them? While technically Scratch's omniscience isn't so much psychic mindreading as it is just an inate sixth sense that can't be turned off, I'll allow anyone with special psychic mind abilities to be able to detect his omniscience if you want them to. If you think your character can block his omniscience, please let me know first. His power can be blocked but has very specific requirements in order to be blocked, but I am willing to skirt them for the sake of depowering. We can discuss it over private message if you want!

NOTE: Doc Scratch will not be able to know about anyone else pertaining to your character if that person is not in Mayfield. So if your character's mother is not in Mayfield for example, he won't be able to get any information about said mother via his omniscience. If your character's best friend is in Mayfield, then he will be clued in on only their name through the character he's currently gaining past knowledge from.

Oh and he also won't be able to know anything about your character's world, outside from any sort of hints and giveaways in the character's history (if the character is in a world with magic and uses magic themselves, then Scratch will know that the character's world has magic in it)

Any questions can also go here or you can private message this account ([personal profile] cueball).

Thank you very much! PS: Castmates don't need to fill this out, since Scratch canonically already knows everything about you all. Well ok maybe not the Alpha Kids, but everyone else!
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Character Name: Doc Scratch
Character Series: Homestuck
Character Age: Unknown; said to be millions of years/sweeps old.
Character Canon Point: End of Act 5; Originally from after his conversation with Rose on LOHAC (Land Of Heat And Clockwork)

The War of One Bullet )
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[At the Graveyard]

[Haha no Scratch isn't crawling out of any coffin. He's going to dirty his clothes, however horrible they may be! He is better than a wriggler, crawling out of the ground. Instead, by his grave there will be a green flash of flickering light. It's not his regular entrance however. The green flashes several times, illuminating the area, and making even weird sound effects that you would hear from a terrible alien movie! However, eventually the green flashes stop and Doc Scratch is now there in his fully black clothed glory!


Black isn't my color.


[Around town]

[After getting over the atrocious wardrobe, he is now on the hunt! Particular for the young ladies, but curse this bad vision of his. Stupid dead moving body. He moves rather slowly though as he finds (and with his hands out like a dumbass no less), but when he does spot someone he'll immediately do the green flash warp thing to get closer and then--]


[Snatch your character and hoist them up! If they flee and get out of his grasp (which shouldn't be hard) he'll definitely try to catch them. If they comply he'll just carry them around, maybe chat until his arms get tired.

And if he realizes that, wait a minute, the person he picked up is a male? He'll drop them down and not even care, giving a half-assed "My mistake" and sulk away. Dude's not a lady.]
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It seems everyone is getting ready for a party. A homecoming ball, as you call it. I have never heard of such an occassion, but it doesn't even take omniscience to figure out what you are all going on about. As a host of many parties, I have decided to generously educate you all on proper etiquette during an occasion such as this.. If you do not follow it, that is your choice. Just know you will be turning down advice from an immortal, regularly omniscient, extraterrestrial, charismatic and fathomless being.

And yes I am all of those, so lets not get into questioning how I am not. Do pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable.

First: Learn to ballroom dance. Men and Ladies. You're not going to impress anyone flailing around like a blithering baffoon and it'll be an embarrassment to yourself and, more importantly, everyone else around you. Causing second hand embarassment does not make good manners.

Second: Keep your so-called "sloppy makeouts" out of sight. No one wants to see them. Not even the people without eyes would want to see them.

Third: Wear a suit. Bowties are always in style. If you aren't going to go in style, don't go at all. Again, second hand embarrassment.

Fourth: Know how to ask for a dance, both ladies and men. Don't just grab someone and toss them around the dance floor. "Will you honor me with a dance?" or "Will you give me the pleasure of dancing with you." Just anything that isn't garbage talk.

And finally, directed toward the ladies specifically: Don't waste your time on a man acting improperly. [A rather exaggerated sigh.] Some men really do not know how to act courteous and gentlemanly.

Well, that is the basics of what I have to say. Have fun at your dance on Friday. Know that you really should take my education into thought as you go to this Homecoming. It is not often I give it so publically and graciously, but I am always a most excellent host.
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Background exposition )

[A; In town]

[Today Mayfield decided to undrone him. That's nice and all, but did they need to do it while he was driving a car that he didn't even know how to drive? Luckily, the wonders of teleportation mean that he was able to get himself out without crashing and dying. He dropped onto the ground as a result and got slightly bruised on his human head (which he is now gingerly rubbing every now and then), but he is otherwise unharmed.

The car was not so lucky.

Someone might walk by him, as he stands a few feet away from the dark red car, observing how it crashed straight into a telephone pole. He is noticeably not wearing his regular white suit, but a more tacky beige one. He looks rather disorientated, so warning to all those that approach: he may not be as smooth as he normally is on the uptake.

Alternatively, you might come by just as he waves his hand and watch as the crashed car momentarily glows green and then vanishes from sight.]

[B; Phone]

According to my calendar, it seems I have been droned since the end of August. I do appreciate the break, but they should practice a bit on the 'undroning' portion. I can't comment much on the experience, but I digress. If anyone could inform me on any major events that happened during my absence, I would be quite thankful. Spare me any personal stories, because I admittedly don't care and I don't have the energy to feign care.

[ooc: Off hiatus officially with this.]
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[Phone; Filtered to the Homestuck cast (yes he knows who you all are)]

Delightful news, everyone! Yes that means everyone, Humans, Alternians and even that one lonesome Derse. I was returned my scrapbook of visual paradox space events. Do any of you wish to see pictures from back home by any chance? I have plenty to share in this quite large book and all of you are in it!

[Phone; Open]

Humans, or any creature from any sort of Earth planet, please lend me your ears. What precisely do you all engage in during this season of summer? The dominate planet containing life in my dimension never really had such a scorching hot season. If it did it was a time of fear and danger, as the dominate species is quite nocturnal and sleep during the daytime. Color me curious for answers.
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Everyone, I have something to announce!

I am a Communist. Even if I have little to no idea what a Communist is, even though I am not even from the planet Earth, and even though I am a First Guardian who lives in an entirely different dimension on the Green Moon of Alternia, I must say that I am a Communist! I never quite realized that until now.

Doesn't make sense to you? Well, don't worry it doesn't make much sense to me either! And I'm fairly sure it's not of my own will either. Have a nice day.

[Action; All around town]

[Scratch has bought himself a EM-202 Megaphone. You know what that means? It means he'll be around town all over today, blasting--]

Attention citizens of Mayfield: I am a Communist!


Can someone enlighten me on what exactly a Communist is!? I quite honestly have no idea.
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I am handing out candy for any girls in the neighborhood who want some. A way to show my apprciation for this Earth holiday called Father's Day if I'm right. So many of you seem very busy taking care of men, so you should have something in return. 916 Bilko Boulevard will be the location and all girls young and not are welcome to stop by.

[He hangs up there.]

[Action; 916 Bilko Boulevard]

[As Scratch said he will be outside on the yard of his house, with two bowls of different assortments of 1950's candy. All store bought, as stealing is beneath him even if he could easily do it.

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I must say, for the first time I've ever been part of one of these random occurences of the town deciding to be exceptionally cruel, it seems that the cruelty is coming more from the people in the town than the ones who control it. The people being of course you, whoever you are listening in on this. How many times have people said 'killing is wrong' and 'this is a clear and obvious trap' now, I'm starting to lose count. Why can't people say more cheerful things, like how nice the weather is or that half of the town isn't dead yet.

Or is half the town dead? I doubt you're keeping count, being too busy either hiding in your home or slaughtering others, claiming you did in self-defense, but really who believes you? For then record, I believe you.

Overall I give this a 4 out of 10. I expected a lot more out of a town that apparently tortures us. Really, making others do your own dirty work? Your own prisoners at that. You aren't being very gracious hosts. After I went through all the trouble of filling out that census, hoping for something more shocking. Maybe I'm just getting too old to be exceptionally horrified that people kill other people. Ground breaking news. Next time we'll learn that the color of Earth's sky is blue and that most humans have a lifespan averaged on about 70 to 80 years. Haa Haa.

Keep up in good spirits everyone, there is nothing to fear but fear itself and let me prematurely insert any empty morality filled speech here. You can fill in the blanks, right?

[Phone; Filtered to Touko Aozaki]

You said you were a seamstress once. I have a job for you and I promise upfront compensation for your efforts.

[Phone; Filtered to Charles Fei-Ong]

Good day Charles. Don't try to think how I got your number or that I know you live at 767 Bunker Street, it isn't important. What is important is that I drew you as my next target. I hope you won't be offended if I come over and kill you. Or maybe you will kill me. My omniscience isn't working as well as it should be, so nothing is really certain. Don't take it personally - your luck just didn't come out well on this particular occasion.

If you want to take it personally that's fine too.
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[This morning Doc Scratch woke up. That was the first problem. As a First Guardian, he never really required sleep. It was not a biological process he went through and his head was a giant cueball. So waking up was fairly shocking.

The next shock was what felt like a flesh body. He felt cold and shaking and it was all so human that it frankly unnerved him. When the drone wife came in to greet him, he was done.

He immediately left the house in a pair of pajamas without saying a word, not bothering to look at his new appearance.]

[Action A]

[On his first day he'll be walking around Mayfield wearing a pair of pajamas (the blue pinstripe one) and a pair of plain looking loafers. Not at all high-end or sensible, but he refuses to go into that house again until he understands his current situation. So throughout the day he'll be looking through Mayfield in a daze, attempting to talk to drones (which turn out to be useless) and sitting down from time to time with his hands in his face, trying to sort this mess out. Asking people for help? What nonsense! He's an omnipotent First Guardian. He will fill in these dark holes himself. No matter how long it takes.]

[Action B]

[As the sun begins to set, the good Doctor will retrace his steps to 916 Bilko Boulevard. However he only stands outside the house, dazing up at it hesitantly. He's not quite sure what to do. Go inside, stay outside, or just nothing. Unless you try and get his attention don't expect him to make any real motions from his spot on the sidewalk.]
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Got any critique or suggestions for how I play Doc Scratch from MS Paint Adventures Homestuck? If so, please let me know here! You can also use this post for plotting if you want - my contact information outside of LJ is private, but I also respond to LJ Messages if I get any.

Anonymous: ON
Screening: ON
IP Logging*: ON

*Please note that I do not use this maliciously in any manner, nor do I go out searching IP Addresses or anything. I just keep this up for personal security.
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